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Dark and Deadly: Eight Bad Boys of Paranormal Romance

Dark and Deadly: Eight Bad Boys of Paranormal Romance
by Jennifer Ashley, Alyssa Day, Felicity Heaton, Erin Kellison, Laurie London, Erin Quinn, Bonnie Vanak, Caris Roane

Dark & Deadly

I already have Bodyguard by Jennifer Ashley, but I’ll pay $1.07 for a look at the rest of the stories.

BODYGUARD (Shifters Unbound #2.5) by Jennifer Ashley

Elizabeth Chapman is a store owner with a past she is hiding from and Ronan is just a big old teddy bear of a shifter who fosters a bunch of bear kids. When Ronan saves Elizabeth sparks fly and he gets embroiled in her life and danger. These two are cute together as well as being sexy, and I can easily see how they will fit into each other’s lives. This is one of my favorite entries into the Shifter’s Unbound series.


The story starts with Alejandro in a training exam at the FBI Paranormal Operations Division HQ and he seems to be a little more than the average training recruit. Rose Cardinal is a garden witch with a bit of extra insight into a person’s deepest desires…and a bit of a problem with authority. This story is very humorous so it doesn’t quite fit the Dark and Deadly theme here, but it is a really enjoyable entry anyway, and definitely makes me curious about the other series.

BEWITCH by Felicity Heaton

This is book 5 in the Vampire Erotic Theatre series. “Enter the dark, sinful and seductive world of the four vampire owners of London’s premier vampire erotic theatre, Vampirerotique, and discover how these powerful vampires will be brought to their knees by the women who claim their hearts–a mortal, a werewolf, a vampire, and an angel.”

Payne is a part incubus vampire on a mission to help a friend. He’s dark and brooding and quite frankly maddening. Elissa is a witch living in an underground fae city and she seems to have a problem with the local coven. There are some pretty significant BDSM scenes in this story that not all readers will be comfortable with. There is of course a lot of drama and the ubiquitous happy ending but overall it shows a slice of an interesting paranormal world. While this is part of a series, it stands on it’s on fairly well, though I think some of the very beginning and very end would have made a bit more sense had I read the rest of the series.

DARKNESS FALLS by Erin Kellison

There is an immediate urgency here. You are dropped into this story with no background or real frame of reference. It is all nerves and intrigue. There isn’t really anything to be said about the characters without spoiling the story. I will be watching avidly for more stories in this series.

ROGUE’S PASSION by Laurie London

Could not get into this. If I get a copy of the first book in this series, I may come back to this one. I think I might be missing vital information.


What makes a human, human? What makes a human special, what makes them more? And why are potentially evil puppies so damned adorable? This appears to be a spinoff of Quinn’s Beyond series and it was a pretty intriguing story.

THE MATING HEAT by Bonnie Vanak

I suspect this author does not actually know what the term overweight actually means. Other than that, this is a nice little PNR. It’s an ooey gooey friends to lovers with a werewolf twist.

TRAPPED by Caris Roane

This is a Blood Rose Tale which is a short story set in the The Blood Rose series. These Blood Rose Tales are better served by reading the rest of the series because it looks like a pretty interesting world but you just get teased with it in these Tales. Beyond that this is a story about how two very different people are able to start seeing a problem from each other’s perspectives.


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