3.5 star review

Sin Brother’s Series

Sin Brother’s Series
by Rebecca Zanetti

“Romantic Suspense with a slight paranormal twist about a band of brothers who carry unnatural powers genetically engineered into them by a black ops military unit.”

I received an ARC of Blind Faith from the Publisher, via Netgalley, this does not affect my opinion of this book or the content of my review.
However, I found it difficult to drop into it without the background knowledge of the rest of the series. So here are my reviews of the series so far.
We meet four young boys; Matt, Nathan, Shane, and Jory, sneaking out at night to watch a sitcom about families. They are child soldiers and have no clue what a family or a mom is. Twenty years later we meet Josie who is going to the hospital to identify the husband, Shane, who disappeared on her two years ago. She has to identify him because he has amnesia.Two years ago they had a whirlwind romance and a quickie Vegas marriage, and then two months later he left without a word, breaking Josie’s heart. This time despite the flashbacks telling Shane he might not be a good man, and because of the absence of memories of why he held himself back previously, the two protagonists are finally getting to know each other in a meaningful way.
Shane is aggressive, protective, and terribly sexy and Josie is a spitfire accountant who looks like an “Angel” or a cream puff. There are plot twists and action galore but in the context of the world building they don’t seem ridiculous. And the hero and heroine are smoking hot together.
This book picks up right after Forgotten Sins and follows Matt. He’s searching for the surgeon that can give them answers and possibly save their lives. The trail leads to Charmed, Idaho where he meets Laney who tires to help him but promptly faints at the sight of his blood.
Matt is the oldest and has been the protector and defender of his brothers and despite his bossy and domineering ways he’s really kind of sweet. Laney owns a bar is also a caretaker in her own way and when what she does to take care of the people around her exposes the secrets she is hiding to Matt it opens up a whole new can of worms. There’s mystery, plot twists, betrayal, and redemption.

Nate is the second oldest brother and has been the bridge between the oldest brother and the two youngest brothers. Before the brothers’ escape from the military compound he was betrayed by Audrey, the only woman he’s ever loved. Audrey has her own secrets and a toxic relationship with her evil mother.

Unlike most books with the re-meet after betrayal trope, these characters actually communicate which is a nice change of pace. While they are still keeping secrets there seems to be a willingness to trust and forgive almost from the outset. And the plot actually revolved around the overall story arc of these brothers rather than the big misunderstanding and the past. This romantic suspense story is sexy and sweet.

These heroes are kind of like a cross between Christine Feehan’s Ghost Walker series and Lora Leigh’s Breeds series, but without the kink. The series and heroes are enthralling and addictive and really needs to be read in order. It’s also one of those series where the plot twists need to remain spoiler free. I’m completely on tenterhooks waiting for the next installment.


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