4 star review

Knight of my Dreams re-release

Knight of my Dreams
by Lynsay Sands

This was originally release in the anthology A Mother’s Way.

I am uncertain how I missed this when I was running through all the Lynsay Sands books once I discovered her, but it might be due to the truly atrocious cover on the original anthology.

This is a very short story perfect for a lunch time reading, just enough length to give you the story but not so long you couldn’t finish it during your lunch and/or breaks. Like most of Lynsay Sand’s heroines Lady Alice is intelligent and she is willing to speak her mind. Jonathan is our stubborn and contrary hero. He seems like a nice enough guy, but what really makes this story is his mother. She is so hilarious and endearing, I wouldn’t likely want her as MY mother in law, but for this short story she is what pushes the story to hilarity rather than merely amusement.

This is a must read!


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