2 star review

Wild Rides: 10 Blazing Hot Alpha Bad Boy Biker and MC Romance Box Set

Currently on sale at all retailers for $0.99.

Bikers, motorcycle clubs, and “curvy” or full figured women seem to be the overall theme in this set.
I’m completely baffled by the many five star reviews for this box set. It’s been the least impressive probably of any set I’ve picked up. I kept trying to make myself give this 3 stars based on the a couple of the strongest stories, but honestly it’s no where close to the quality of the other big box sets I’ve read, so I just couldn’t do it. For a buck it’s totally worth it and the sheer variety means most people are likely to find something that are going to want to follow up on. Which brings me to my next point. I hate it when authors include part of a story to tease you into buying the other half of the story. It’s infuriating. By all means, use a short story to introduce the reader to your characters and your world, but put a complete effing story in the bundle, or at least put a disclaimer at the front of the story. This sort of behavior doesn’t encourage me to purchase further stories, it lets me know I can’t trust the author so I’m less likely to make further purchases.

Safe House
by Dez Burke

2 stars
This should probably win some sort of prize for completely implausible story lines where not one but TWO supposedly highly educated, licensed professionals with serious codes of ethics do completely off the wall illegal things. It wasn’t badly written but I couldn’t suspend disbelief enough to just enjoy it.
Additionally, it ends on a complete cliffhanger making it more of a teaser for Liberated than an actual short story in its own right.

by Christina Wick

3.5 stars
This is written in first person from both the main characters perspectives. They’re a little chatty and young sounding, but overall I was enjoying the story until they were so blasé about the idea of getting her pregnant in the situation they are in. Despite the first person spring which I don’t tend to care for, and that one characterization oddity that pulled me out of the story for a minute, I really kind of liked this one. The sorry was fast paced and the characters were really kind of sweet with each other, and Callan was pretty hot.

2 stars
This story starts out with a bang when sheltered good girl Rachel’s father sells her to a vicious motorcycle club. She’s rescued by a rival club, but from there this thing ended on a whimper. It was tolerable till about the end if chapter right but then it fell further off the rails. There were a free sweet moments, but mostly it just dragged. One extra star because managed to finish it, but that’s about it.

Riding Danger
by Adriana Hunter

3 stars
This one isn’t bad. The two main characters both acknowledge the crazy situation they are in and how out of character their actions are. Sure they go with it, but it’s fun anyway. It’s a bad boy who isn’t so bad and a nurse with a heart of gold taking down the megalomaniac MC president.

by Marian Tee

Starts out strong but didn’t flip my switch, so I snuck to the last chapter to see if there was anything to make me go back and read it. Turns out this is an at least three part serial. So this goes on my DNF shelf at least until the other parts are out.

Stone Cold
by Olivia Rigal

3.5 stars
This is one of the stronger entries in the set. The plot is a bit tricky, there’s some mystery and the supporting cast is pretty great. It’s not a happily ever after but I liked it anyway. And I really want to see what happens next.

Fearless Curves
by D.H. Cameron

1.5 stars
Jack is an arrogant ass, and not in a good way, and even coming from a bad boy biker, repeated offers to go “get fucked up” just aren’t charming.
Plus this story had more spelling and grammatical errors than the rest.

Worthy of the Billionaire Biker
by Krista Lakes

3 stars
A lot of BDSM scenes with a billionaire biker businessman (say that three times fast) and his accounting liaison. They have some history together so it isn’t exactly a tumble between strangers. But there’s no safety or trust in this relationship and the female main character is a flipping doormat.
After we see how they work together in the present, we get the story of their first meeting in Worthy of the Biker: First Meeting. Then it’s back to the present in Worthy of the Billionaire Biker’s Trust. Then it’s back to the past when they first said goodbye. Finally we hit the end in the present with Worthy of the Billionaire Biker’s Love.

There’s a nice little mystery and finally a bit of emotional connection and Claire finally seems to firm up as a character, though it freaks me out a bit she continues to refer to him as Mr. King even in her own mind.
It looks like these are a bunch of short stories that were previously available separately. And the past stories are related to characters and the setting from Snow’s Outlaw Kind of Love.

Bear Biker Love
by Harper Ashe

3 stars
This story is an exciting introduction into a world with shifters and guardians. I enjoy stories about shifters so I initially was turned off by the guardian angle. But, while the main characters are interesting, the guardian really stole the show. I’ll be looking forward to further stories set in this world as I think there’s quite a bit the author can do with it.

City Girl, Country Wolf
by Aubrey Rose

3 stars
Interesting very short story. Not much to it, and no happily ever after, but in the rest of the box set crowd it stood out.

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