3 star review

Review- Falling for Owen

Falling for Owen
by Jennifer Ryan

Last month I read and reviewed The Return of Brody McBride, which I found deliciously soap opera-esque. In Falling for Owen, we have Brody’s long suffering brother who took care of Rain, Autumn, and Dawn all those years. When one of his client’s ex-husband flips his lid and attacks Owen’s neighbor, it puts Owen and and Claire together, which makes the villain furious.

So, I am going to get the bad out of the way first, it was sometimes a bit draggy, particularly some of the dialogue, and I found the mystery to not be so very mysterious, but then maybe I have a bit of a cynical mind. And frankly, I didn’t quite feel the connection to the characters or between the characters as well as I did with the previous book.

Still, I actually really enjoyed the book. Jennifer Ryan seems to write very soap opera type plots and characters. Her world is one where the good guys and gals are almost painfully good and the villains are irredeemable. They are a bit of a guilty indulgence for me, no real thinking required. For the most part Claire is a strong and feisty heroine and while the characters and situations, when all put together, are over the top ridiculous, individually they are relatively believable. I’ll likely continue reading this series with Dylan’s Redemption.


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