4 star review

Advance Review- Night’s Deep Hush

Night’s Deep Hush
by Erin Kellison

Nights Deep Hush

I received an ARC of this book from the Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
This is book 4 in the Revelers series.

Here are my reviews for previous entries:

Darkness Falls (In Dark & Deadly) available free as a standalone.

Lay Me Down


I am almost literally about to tear my hair out over these stories. I simply adore them, they feel so fresh and interesting, so much so that I just want to settle down and dig in, but she…just…keeps…dropping…snippets. In addition, while the first story is free, the rest are all 2.99 so this is starting to feel like some awfully expensive snippets.

This installment returns primarily to Jordan and Rook. When Rook is kidnapped, Jordan will do anything to rescue him, even teaming up with Vince, the man who once tried to betray her.
Kellison has expanded the Reve world once again with this installment. And damn it, I’m still fascinated, still enthralled with what she’s building here. While I was expecting this to be Vince’s story, it’s really more of an expositional piece that furthers the plot arc, world building, and introduces us to what Vince’s story will be, and who his heroine is-and heads up she’s a terribly interesting anti-heroine (we so rarely see those). The 5th story will be out August 11, and I don’t know whether to hope it’s the last, or hope for more. In a way, I’ll be disappointed if the next is the last story, but honestly, I think I’ll be more disappointed if it isn’t.

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