3 star review

Review- The Last Kiss Goodbye

The Last Kiss Goodbye
by Karen Robards
Last Kiss Goodbye

This is the second book in the series. I gave the first book, The Last Victim 3 stars.

This is still the kind of crazy sauce I tend to adore. While Dr. Charlotte Stone had pretty much decided to quit with the FBI work already and get back to her research, the plottings of a deadly serial killer land, quite literally, on her doorstep. Which brings back delicious FBI Agent Tony, and heats up the love triangle between Charlie, Tony and Michael. But really? It is still all about Michael. And there is some pretty juvenile posturing going down between Charlie and Michael (poor Tony is completely out of the loop on this), but I find it hard to denigrate it, because when one of the twosome is basically incorporeal there has to be something to ratchet up the tension. And, while the crazy sauce romance mix was definitely still up front and center, the mystery here was also a major part of it too. That part was pretty fun, but much of this book is just a hot mess. One of the bright parts those, was the emerging characterizations of Buzz and Lena and I am really hoping for some more page time. Besides Lena and Buzz, what saved this book for me was that the mystery took a little more center stage and was fairly griping, we get a bit more hints about Michael’s true nature, and the ENDING. The ending completely rocked my world.

So, I am tentatively giving this 3 stars, because I liked this well enough to keep going in the series. there were some issues, and I don’t totally love everything about this, but the crazy sauce levels have eased down to bearable and the mystery has come up just enough, and I’ve learned about Michael just enough.


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