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Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

I’ve been blogging for not quite a year, but here’s my most popular posts so far.

Open Library-Borrow Books for Free

This one makes good sense to me, because hey, who doesn’t like to read free and legally?

Dear Author Legal Defense Fund

Probably the most shocking thing besides the stalking to have happened in the romance blogging community in the past year. My thoughts on the actual event didn’t get so many hits, but man did the community rally.

Inn at Last Chance

This one really surprised me, I gave it a middling review and inspirationals aren’t typically my milieu.

Free – Wrecked by Meljean Brook is Free

I guess this one it is not terribly surprising, people love free. It’s not still free of course, but it is still an excellent series.

Review – Air Bound

Christine Feehan is a highly polarizing author, but love her or hate her, she’s big business in the paranormal romance genre.

Goodreads “Ask the Author”

Ask the author is a really cool thing Goodreads is doing. Yeah, I know anyone can do it (that is in fact what makes it so very cool) but damn was I excited the author actually answered my question.

Sweetest Surrender

This post was from back at the start of my blog, I didn’t say much, but I really did like the story. While I wouldn’t say I’m a fabulous blogger yet, at least I can say I’ve improved.

Review – Moonshine Takhini Wolves Book 4

Arend is a prolific writer across several genres. I really enjoy her work, but she probably isn’t one of the most well known authors yet, so it surprised me that my posts on her books get so many hits.

Review – Dark Blood

Out of over 100 posts I made since I started this blog in April, only two of them were for Christine Feehan, and both of them made the top 10 list. Apparently, polarizing gets the hits. As much as I liked Air Bound, I kind of didn’t enjoy Dark Blood. My final summation: “So, as much as I am complaining, I am giving this 3 stars because IMO, Feehan’s heroes have become much less rapey and FINALLY we have a hero that checks consent, because it kept me entertained, and actually entertained enough that I will likely still read the next book (I just can’t quit Feehan), and nostalgia-because I have now been in this series for 26 books and apparently I just can’t quit Feehan.”

The Collector

This is another one of my earlier posts, so I suspect the number of hits has more to do with the length of time that it was up rather than any intrinsically helpful,quality in my review.

I am not sure what this pattern tells me, but it is interesting to see how I have progressed in my blogging style. I am looking forward to the coming year and future books to Read and reviewed.


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