4 star review

ARC Review – Delirium

by Erin Kellison

I received an ARC of this book from the Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

This is the 6th story in Erin Kellison’s Reveler series. I am not entirely sure how I missed this for so long, as it came out in January, but I am glad to get it.

1.  Darkness Falls
2.  Lay Me Down
3.  Darksider
4.  Night’s Deep Hush
5.  Bring Me a Dream

As I have previously said, I cannot in any way, shape, or form guarantee a spoiler free review. These are not stand alones, they aren’t even interconnected novels, this is a serial.

This is the second entry covering Marshall Harlen Fawkes and Sera. There isn’t a ton of growth in their relationship, though there is some, but this sixth novella really drives the story arc, the relationships, and it brings back Steve Coll. I still love the premise and the world building, I still love the characters, and I absolutely need to find out what is happening with the Sandman and with the Scrape (those are also the titles for the upcoming stories according to Kellison’s website). Shared dreaming and lucid dreaming are such fascinating concepts and the way this is executed in this series is enthralling. What I am still not fond of is the price, and the way this is being dragged out. Assuming there will be a total of 8 novellas, and assuming the first one remains free (not things I am entirely sure you can assume any more), you are looking at $20.93 to buy this story. I am just going to reiterate, as much as I really enjoy these stories, if I had to buy them, I don’t know that I would do so at this price point. I am hopeful when Ms. Kellison has completed the serial, she’ll put them all together into one book and sell at, what I would consider, a more reasonable price like Ms. Brook did for the Kraken King, because the story itself is excellent.


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