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Because no one should be harried and bankrupted for having an effing opinion.

Right now in Nevada, legislation is on the table that would effectively strip anti-SLAPP protections, which is one of the few things that stand in the way of honest people being punished unfairly for having a dissenting opinion. This affects every aspect of our public lives, whether you’re doing the reviewing (even on something as basic and ubiquitous as Amazon) or trying to find reviews on something you’re considering purchasing. Reliance on the public review process is already fraught enough with the surge of paid for positive reviews, and stifling negative reviews even further can only be a detriment to the consumer. So even if you never write reviews yourself, stop and think about how many reviews you’ve read and how they’ve affected your purchasing. There are plenty of other aspects that would be affected besides reviewing, but it’s the aspect that’s closest to me. And, I could probably pontificate for a while on this, but plenty of people have already done it better.

Her Hands, My Hands

Marc Randazza

Jacob Sullum

Ken White at PopeHat

Mike Cernovich

If you like free speech and the free market, this should concern you. Not all states yet have anti-SLAPP legislation, and rolling back one of the stronger examples isn’t going to help matters any, so even if you don’t live in Nevada, this affects you too.


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