3.5 star review

Review – Silver Mine by Vivian Arend Book 2 Takhini Wolves

Silver Mine

This is the second book in the Takhini Wolves series and it continues the overall plot of the Whitehorse pack and the bear convocation. But, it is set further in the bush, and not terribly involved with the pack itself, and it turns out that is not a bad thing at all.

Chase Johnson is a cougar wolf crossbreed and one of the few who can shift to either beast, making him something of an outcast. But he has found his place in the wilds with others who are a bit different themselves. Shelly Bradley is every bit of an outcast herself, as a wolf who can’t shift and with a human sister who is more shifter than she is, she is still trying to find her place.

A chance encounter throws this somewhat unlikely pair together and needs beside the personal keep them in proximity allowing two people who aren’t inclined to let anyone close, to fall in love. The usual shifter mate dynamics are impossible for each of them, and so they forge their own way through some rather tricky situations.

I enjoyed seeing the dynamics for another, different sort of pack and it helped to flesh out the world and the people. They aren’t all brash and boisterous and secure in their animals. It added layers. Add in some more bear politics, some other shifter politics, and a life threatening plague, and it made for a rather exciting book. Plus, the reason for the title, Silver Mine, has absolutely nothing to do with actual mining, and was pretty funny. That is a heck of a nickname. 😉

And a very happily ever after for Shelly, who finds just the right place for herself, tops the whole exciting adventure and sweet love story off in just the right way. Heartwarming and happy – 3.5 stars

Silver Mine (Takhini Wolves, #2)


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