3.5 star review

Review – Earth Bound by Christine Feehan

Earth Bound

I have been delaying and delaying reading Christine Feehan’s books here of late, and generally, they have been disappointing. I am glad to say that the 4th story in the Sisters of the Heart series wasn’t actually disappointing or infuriating, at least in comparison to the past two Feehan books I have read. It didn’t blow me away like Water Bound did (yes I know, some people really hated that book, but at least it tells you where my opinions fall on the CF spectrum), but at least I now have hope we are all going to be able to make it through this series and the eventual reunion with the entire Prakenskii clan and the resolution with the Drake family. I have hope and that makes all the difference.

Lexi had a brutal childhood (*Content Warning*) that in many ways makes her a fit match for the wounded Gavriil. And what a surprise he was. He was way more gentle, tender, and patient than I think I was expecting, and that made all the difference with this particular set up. He was by no means neutered, but he applied his alphaness in rather appropriate ways when it came to Lexi and the rest of the family. And you have to see a tender spot in a man who loves his dogs so much. And another plus, they weren’t physically intimate until probably 80% into the book, there wasn’t aggression or non-con in this book, which I appreciated. A little bit of manipulation, sure, but by now my bar is fairly low when it comes to these CF series, and this one stepped over it handily.

And eh, the mystery/suspense/fight in this particular book was a bit of a McGuffin designed solely to bring the hero and heroine together and to highlight the families working together (it didn’t really further the arc with the big baddies except tangentially), but it worked for that and allowed Lexi to finally take some control of that aspect of her life. What I really enjoyed in this book was seeing the brothers start to connect. It is slightly delightful and makes me long for the next two books to come quickly.

There is quite a bit of navel gazing and mooning over each other, and much of it was saccharine, but that is kind of why I read these. I KNOW that the main characters are pre-destined so that will never be a source of the conflict. It is reassuring, for me, to know what the conflicts will/will not be ahead of time. And I hate triangles, and those just don’t happen in Feehan’s books. And there actually was some nice character growth for both characters, which I appreciated too. They were both rather different by the end of the book, though that growth was shored almost completely by the other person and the relationship rather than individually, but, that is the theme with this series, so who am I to quibble.

So, 3.5 stars and I am going to continue to read this series, but now feeling slightly hopeful I’ll get an overall happy ending that I can be comfortable about.

Earth Bound (Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart, #4)


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