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Review – Luminous by AE Ash


I received a copy of this book from a contest at Smexy Books, this does not affect my opinion of this book or the content of my review. I had been eyeing it because Science Fiction has been hitting just right for me of late, and because I enjoy my adults a little adultier. Also, there is just something about eyes being a defining feature in a science fiction cover that makes me want to grab it up (look at that gorgeous cover), just like Lex Talionis or Dark Horse. Something about the eyes just captures my gaze and keeps me from looking away.

It is hard to know what to say about this story, it is very short, more than worth the time one needs to invest in reading. There is joy in watching the unfolding of introspection, in getting to know Jyothi, even when she is sad and lonely. And nine years is a very long time to be alone and lonely, even for a woman who had been invisible to everyone, including herself, for years before.

The premise and the world building is almost surreal, almost fantasy rather than strict science fiction. And while I was reading, all I could do was experience it. Now, having finished it, it makes me think. I could easily have read a much, much longer book (that too seems to be a theme with the science fiction I have read lately). I would have loved to see it all from the beginning, Jyothi’s life before the exploration, the time when she knew she was going to be alone, and definitely more time with her star. I would have loved that book too, but what we got was so wonderful that I can not regret the story it is, in favor of that other imaginary story. My one regret was how suddenly the story ended, but it was altogether lovely and I was satisfied that this was truly happily ever after.



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