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Review – Undead and Unforgiven by Maryjanice Davidson

Undead and Unforgiven

If Betsy Taylor has learned anything about ruling Hell it’s: 1) she can’t do it alone, and 2) she doesn’t have to. She’s got the help of a devoted vampire king, a dateless zombie, an exhausted new mom, an unshowered cop, a bitchy ghost, a kindly dead priest, and her late stepmother (“Go Team Satan!”). But the latest major hurdle in her post-dead life is so big she can’t even see it until it’s on CNN.

Betsy’s father and half-sister Laura (a former Anti-Christ with a grudge) have outed Betsy to the world. It doesn’t take long for the story to become 24-7 headline news. What’s more, people are not only prepared to believe in vampires, they want to kill them. For Betsy, social media has never felt so…unsocial.

Before long the mansion on Summit Avenue is swarming with reporters, would-be vampire/zombie killers, and desperate emos begging to be turned. Betsy has been forced into the unenviable role as the reluctant face of the vampire nation. All she knows is, she has to look good—this is hi-def!—and stay true to who she is. H8ers be damned.

Book 14, the next to the last book in the Undead series. Where has all the time gone? I did a COMPLETE reread, novels and all novellas, in preparation for this one. And I have to say, I can’t think of a series that needed it more. Because Betsy and the gang’s lives have been crazy. It has been a wild ride, but I have to say that I appreciate when an author at least makes the attempt to leave in good time and with a plan. We may even find all that flailing had a purpose, and come to think of it, when it concerns Betsy, that should be the least surprising,

While the author, and Betsy, might have floundered a bit the past few books, I think we’ve all finally settled in and it is coming together. It look like it is going to be a really strong finish. Betsy has finally taken up her mantles with some purpose, and while there is the requisite snarking, bitching, and whining, it is all working out. Hell is being run by committee and frankly, I can’t think of anything more hellish than that.

There are trials, and tribulations, weird babies, a depressed zombie (who maybe doesn’t have to be so depressed…squee?!?!), a mean priest, contretemps between our devoted heroine and hero, and family feuds. Seriously, this book gave me all the warm fuzzies that I have been missing the past few books. It almost makes me wish that it didn’t have to end, but then I remember – part of what makes it so great is that there is obviously a clear and concise ending coming up.

Seriously, I can’t even express how much I enjoyed this book.Yes, Betsy is still the vain, vapid, snarky, and reluctant ruler we have come to love, but she is also the grown up version I have been expecting for so many books. The one I never could quite figure out why we weren’t getting.

One more book to go and now I can’t wait to see how Davidson wraps it up. If you’ve gone off this series, now might be the time to jump back in…or maybe wait til the finale comes out next year. I can’t quite decide, but Betsy and the gang are back on track and it looks we might have an epic showdown/wrap up complete with out favorite loveable undead characters, dare I pray Boo the Vampire slayer?, werewolves, mermaids, and of course, the devil and her daughter.

Good times and 4 stars from me.

Undead and Unforgiven (Undead #14)

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