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“Question of the Week: Name a book you hated – Suggested by Bookish Findings.

I’m trying to remember the last book I hated. Usually I just stop reading a book when I’m not enjoying it. Occasionally I’ll flip through books who’s political view I disagree with and generally dislike those. I wasn’t able to get through Legacy of Kings, which is a book many people have raved about. But I wouldn’t say I hated it – more that I haven’t loved it yet.

How about you?”

I’ve had a couple this year: They just weren’t to my taste.

The Girl Who Wouldn't Die
Falling For A Redneck
Cat's Lair (Leopard People #7)

Cat’s Lair (#7)


13 thoughts on “Feature & Follow Friday Hop

  1. I’ve had Legacy of Kings on my bookshelf, but I haven’t read it. It’s been there a while, but I don’t know if I can get into it.

    Thanks for stopping by my FF!

    Followed back via Bloglovin!
    -Kayl @ Kayl’s Krazy Obsession

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  2. I always try to push through books I’m not enjoying because I feel guilty to DNF. But I think it’s a better idea to give up on it and read something I would enjoy! One day I’ll learn. Thanks for visiting my blog. Following via bloglovin’. 🙂

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  3. Nervous Nell Justice says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever “hated” a book. Usually, if I don’t like the plot then I’ll focus on the writing. HOWEVER, it’s hard to focus on the writing when the plot is just blah. If the story doesn’t catch me by the first 50 pages,then it’s just not for me. LIke it was said earlier, life is too short and there are way too many books.

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  4. kgriffin3227 says:

    I need to learn to put a book down when I’m not liking it. I have a problem with leaving things unfinished, but I need to get over that. TThanks for visiting Bookworm Book Reviews! Following via Bloglovin.

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