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Comfort Reading, what’s yours?

I haven’t been posting much, because I haven’t been reading as much. Add to that the crazy sauce that is current politics and the yee-hawdists out in Oregon, and my limited attention span has been divided. And even what I have been reading hasn’t been new stuff. I have been sick, and then getting better from being sick, and dragging myself through days where even bathing seems a horrible exhausting experience. So naturally, I have been re-reading. I think I think the first sign I was in a re-reading rut was when I picked up the Harry potter series at the end of December. Here’s what I have read or re-read since the end of December:

And if this blah feeling remains I will probably go back to old school Amanda Quick or Julie Garwood, because those are very much comfort reads for me and are usually what I go to. Though I may be leaning to pick some Ilona Andrews up instead. I wonder what it says about me that this time I’ve gone for fantasy.

So what do you guys read or re-read for comfort? Or do you switch to something besides reading?


3 thoughts on “Comfort Reading, what’s yours?

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