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2 Year Blogiversary

Dang, two years already? Where has the time all gone? I think…or at least hope my writing has become better and more interesting. I have gotten into ARC reviewing, I have moved from Blogger over to WordPress (a decision I have not regretted), I’ve communicated with people like I never would have in real life, and I have read books, so many wonderful books! And people actually read what I have to say, which is probably the most amazing thing in the world when you think about it. Here is a list of all the countries who visited by blog in 2015:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, Ireland, Norway, India, Malaysia, Russia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Czech Republic, Spain, Singapore, Israel, Poland, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, Nepal, Macedonia, Hong Kong SAR China, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Indonesia, Argentina, Cyprus, Switzerland, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, Austria, Belgium, Serbia, Slovakia, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Greece, Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Lithuania, Denmark, El Salvador, Romania, European Union, Mozambique, Turkey, Jamaica, Thailand, Ethiopia, Croatia, China, Isle of Man, Bangladesh, Colombia, Guam, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Pakistan, Jersey, Belarus, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia & Herzegovina, U.S. Virgin Islands, South Korea

Crazy right? Who could have imagined that one day it would be so easy to touch every corner of the world? And some of you even came back again 😉

And here are some of my more popular posts since I have moved over here:

Review – Dark Horse by Michelle Diener

Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews

When reading history, it should be accurate to be worthwhile. Or why Texas has stepped into a steaming pile of stupid.

Review – Linesman by S. K. Dunstall

Review: The Guardians (books 1-5) by Lola St. Vil

Review – Witch, Cat, and Cobb by J.K. Pendragon

Review – Here Be Magic: 8 Magical Tales From The Realm of Paranormal and Fantasy

3 Day Quote Challenge –Day Two

OpenLibrary Review – Julie Garwood’s Crown’s Spies




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