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#FitReaders- Weekly Check-In January 27, 2017

Week of January 21-27 Stats

Everything has been a bit hit or miss; eating, exercising, motivation. Likely most of this boils down to sleep, but it is very much a chicken or egg thing. Am I sleeping less well than usual because I have been less active, or am I less active because I am not sleeping well? Probably it is just my stupid brain/body being stupid, but that doesn’t help the fact that I find myself distracted, irritable, and short tempered. I am seriously considering investing in more specific sleep hardware. I wish Fitbit had something, but it looks like right now the Withings Aura is the most comprehensive item available, and I DO have the option to “purchase” a 20% off code with my Higi points (they also have Garmin, WSS, iHealth and LeftLane, so if anyone wants a code I can see if I can figure out how to share them, I have way more points than I know what to do with). And I am also keeping my eyes out on the Sleep Number 360, desperate times call for desperate measures. Would it help? Probably not, but more data is more data.

All I know is that food logging is back to being a seriously ingrained habit, though that doesn’t necessarily mean I make good choices. I went to log my morning once this week and found calories already in. When I looked I had logged 2 fun sized Snickers in the Midnight-4:00 am slot. I checked my Fitbit and sure enough, I got up at 3:05 am…apparently for a snack. Aren’t parasomnias fun :/ In the meantime, I’d better finish up this post and get back up off my behind.



2 thoughts on “#FitReaders- Weekly Check-In January 27, 2017

  1. k2reader says:

    I’m not a great sleeper either – but I do find on the days I work out I tend to have a better night’s sleep. I have a fitbit, but do not wear it to sleep – I probably should, just to see how much I actually do, but not sure I really want to 😉

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    • I have a delayed circadian sleep disorder. Left to its own devices I fall asleep somewhere around 6-8 am. Maybe 4 am, it’s hard to say because I’ve never had that much time to just dedicate to sleeping precisely when my body wants. But I have a norm cycle job.

      If you do try the Fitbit to sleep, maybe don’t try it on the sensitive setting, it’s depressing.


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