#FitReaders- Weekly Check-In April 7, 2017

I went ahead and got an immediate jump on April so I didn’t find myself in the same boat I was in the last couple of months. And it was nice, I knocked another minute off my 5K time. You forget just how…well not exactly easy, but, relatively effortless it is to improve your times when you are first starting out. It requires no special training or regimens. Those first few runs are just about proving that you can do something you were probably convinced you couldn’t do. Bodies are amazing things, Then once you do it, you realize you CAN do it. Those first few tries are so fantastic because they aren’t magical unicorn personal best times that will require extreme dedication to pull off again. You just have to pull on your shoes (or not as the case may be) and get out there. It is fantastic, heady stuff.

April 2017 5K Stats

Stats: Week April 1-7, 2017

April Strut My Stuff.png

I met my goals, so that was good. And for the month of April I am going to try to do at least a dedicated running/wobbling mile each week, if not an outright 5 K. Just kind of took it easy and let this past week or so be a refeed as I was stressed. On the sleep front, Fitbit has been promising sleep stages, which I still haven’t got.

April Week 7 DistanceApril 7 Week StepsApril 7 Week Active

I have also started doing some other stuff to earn money with my FitBit.

Walgreens Balance Rewards-gets you store credit. which gets you points that you can send money to Paypal.

Bounts-Which doesn’t have a ton of things you can get with your points, but you can use the pints to enter challenges and chances to win things.

HIGI-Which you earn points for activity, and also checking in at Higi stations, and for joining Challenges where you may win prizes. They also have a “store” to spend your points, but that is mostly a few discount codes. But if I am ever to pull the trigger on a Withings Aura, it is nice to known I can get 20% off.

AARP Rewards for Good-not that great of redemption program, but still it is something.

Leap4Life-This one I am super new to, so I am not sure how it will go, but it is more social than the other programs, and I think you can redeem points for giftcards.



5 thoughts on “#FitReaders- Weekly Check-In April 7, 2017

  1. I’m just starting my training for my next 5k. I am so behind. I should have started earlier. You are pretty motivating right now. I have to do more than a mile a day to catch up to the endurance I need to. I’ll probably add two miles on the treadmill later at night… Keep up the good work! Have you ever done a 5k before? I’ve only did one before and did way better than expected especially at my level of fitness. You might surprise yourself the day of if you are this committed.

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    • Thanks for your kind words! These aren’t “official” 5Ks of course, I’ve never done one of those. Once upon a time in the dark ages, I used to run distance. And now this is my 4th 5K on my own as a grown up. I’m so grateful to have found the FitReaders! I’ll be doing at least one a month now. And a friend and I are going to try walking a half marathon if we can find one that syncs up with our schedules.


    • I did indeed do them back to back, when I realized I was once again going to miss getting it in on time. So I did March’s on the 31 add then thought efficacy it, better do another one tomorrow and be done. I need to try doing more. Or at least RUN a single mile. I figure if I start doing some full run jogging miles that will improve my 5K time.


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