#FitReaders- Weekly Check-In April 28, 2017

Occam’s razor does not apply to me. I need a shirt that says that. This will be a long venty post, so feel free to skip down to the pretty pictures. Once upon a time I had very bad allergies. Eventually they got bad enough that I went to an allergist. I spent several years on allergy shots and while my symptoms improved tremendously, they never quite went all the way away. When that allergist left, and I didn’t get transferred to someone else, I thought well…lets give it a try. It was better than it used to be, but several times a year I still had major problems and periodically I would break out into various rashes and hives. So I got a new referral. Turns out, I do not in fact have allergies anymore-who knows when the allergic response really stopped and I could have stopped giving myself those stupid shots. Working diagnosis: ideopathic uticaria (AKA-We have no clue why you get so itchy and hive like, but probably you won’t die), non-allergic contact dermatitis, and non-allergic rhinitis…to go along with my polyps….which is triggered by irritants…like pollen. Treatment is…allergy medicine…for these things that are not allergies. Also, Dymista feels like injecting straight fire into ones sinuses. And to make matters worse, I still have nasty itchy welts from the testing…not allergies (the allergen responses were not larger than the histmaine control), but my skin really does not like…anything

So now we are looking into alternate causes for my tendency to be sicker than the average person. I am waiting on lab work to assess my titers for pnuemonia, staph, and tetanus to check see if I have a functioning immune system. And also my IgE, IgG, and IgSomething else.

So, to try to keep my motivation up I have joined StepBet. As previously mentioned, I would fight a rabid badger over a nickle, so the prospect of losing $40 bucks should keep me on my toes so to speak. Even when I just want to curl up, roll over, and play dead. I guess I should be glad I don’t have allergies anymore (less risk of death and all), but that at least would have been a concrete answer with a set of clear cut solutions.

Also on the plus side, I finally got Sleep Stages on my FitBit, and it looks really interesting. Who knows how accurate it is, but I am trying to remember it is the little things that can make you happy.

Sleep Stages OneSleep Stages 2

Stats: Week April 22-28, 2017

Week April 28 ActiveWeek April 28 DistanceWeek April 28 Steps



2 thoughts on “#FitReaders- Weekly Check-In April 28, 2017

  1. *HUGS* I hope you get some answers!

    IS that a new feature on Fitbit? I stopped using mine a couple months ago. Cool graphics. I found a decent app for my Apple Watch that auto tracks sleep like the Fitbit does/did. It’s the dark blue, light blue and pink/red lines.

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    • Thanks! Still no word on test results, and I was to nervous to call. I need to make myself do it this week. And yes, brand new Fitbit feature. They had a bit of trouble rolling out, so I got it about a month late. It uses your movements and heart rate to estimate sleep stages. I’m not a great sleeper, obviously.


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