Erin S. Burns

I am a voracious reader who typically reads one or two books per day. Mostly I stick with romance but I am not sub-genre specific within that category, and I enjoy books from the complete spectrum including (but not limited to): historical, contemporary, paranormal, urban fantasy, sci-fi, and steam punk/gaslamp. About the only sub-genres I am not fond of are time travel and YA/NA.

I formerly blogged at http://erinsburnsbookshelf.blogspot.com/ and for about a year it suited my needs, but eventually I needed more, so I swapped over to WordPress because it has a few different features that seemed helpful.

And, because I am that sort of person (you should all be glad I am not part of any MLM, because I would conscript the world) I am currently badgering friends to join in the fun.

One thought on “About

  1. Pamela Southwood says:


    I am new to working with book bloggers. I have just released a great book that I hope you would love to read!
    It is on Amazon only and if you or others want a free digital/Kindle version-check it out on Oct 23-24, 2015.


    If you want to review it-please let me know when it posts!

    Pamela Southwood
    The Devils Intended: Love & Evil In Palm Beach

    ISBN: 1517629020

    See description on Amazon! I think it will entice you! I was on Kindle Scout’s Hot & Trending list every day!


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