Review Policy

All reviews will be extremely honest, so please familiarize yourself with review styles and the ratings system.

Reviewers at Burns Through Her Bookshelf are currently open to receiving galleys, ARCs, and finished books from publishers and authors. These reviews will be prefaced with a disclaimer indicating where/how the review copy was obtained. Preferred genres are typically in the romance category, though Young Adult, New Adult, and Time Travel are not at all likely to be accepted. We are also not fans of serialized books. This does not, however, mean that we will not consider books from other genres. Science fiction, fantasy, and general steam punk are also popular. This includes self-published authors on a case by case basis, but acceptance of self-published works may be rare. We are willing to work with all authors, publishers, marketers, etc on a case by case basis to facilitate giveaways, guest posts, blog tours, etc. However, we DO NOT do Promo Only posts.

We cannot promise to agree to every review request due to time constraints and are very good about not taking on more than we can fit in. Nor can we guarantee to review unsolicited review copies of books sent to us. If you don’t hear from us in a timely fashion please assume we are not able to accept your request/offer.

Please note: Acceptance of an ARC or copy of your book is not a guarantee of a review on the blog and we reserve the right to not finish it and not review it if the book is deemed not suitable or unreadable by the reviewer.

Our review copy preference is for ebooks, followed by print copies. As such, digital ARCs/review copies will be given precedence over print copies. Our preferred format is Kindle but ePub is acceptable. The primary reviewer of this blog can accept review requests from Netgalley and Edelweiss.

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