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ARC Review – Wild Nights

Wild Nights
by Tina Wainscott

I received an ARC of this book from the Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. 

This is book 3 in the Justiss Alliance, and you can see my previous reviews here.

Wild Nights picks up after Wild Ways with everyone (except Roth) settling into the Justiss Alliance, and the new relationships for the previous heroes/heroines.

Saxonby “Sooch” Cole’s new assignment is infiltrating a nude resort, as a mild mannered geek, in order to uncover a date rape scheme. It’s the perfect job for the confirmed bachelor of the group. Jennessy Shaw scheduled this trip to spark things up with her long-term boyfriend, but when she catches him cheating on her, she decides to explore her wild side on her own. They are both instantly attracted, but between the miscommunications as well as Sax’s feeling about fidelity, (he has some really crappy men in his family), they needless to say get off to a rocky start. But, when Jennessy (who has depths not seen at first glance) winds up in Sax’s arms as a victim, all bets are off.

The Justiss Alliance is like the A-Team, only with sex and romance, and in this case a nude resort. It’s is a little campy, a little ridiculous and over the top, but plenty of fun. This latest installment, the writing seems to be somewhat smoother and overall the pacing issues I saw in the first books seem to be resolved.

It looks like we are set up for Knox’s book next, but I honestly find myself most curious about Roth. 

Altogether, I enjoyed this book as I have enjoyed this series so far; however, there is one event with another woman on the resort. It seems like the author used this as a note that this isn’t some unrealistic, not like real life plot line, but honestly, it came off as gratuitous and unnecessary. 3.5 stars and thus far, completely willing to go the distance with this series. There’s nothing groundbreaking about it, but it is reasonably good entertainment.

4 star review

Advance Review- Taken

by Lora Leigh

I received an ARC of this book from the Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
This book comes out 07/22/2014. It appears to be a collection of previously released short stories and novellas. I don’t think it’s any secret to say that when you are talking about Lora Leigh, you’re talking about alpha heroes, kinky potentially BDSM sex, and likely some element of non-con.

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Justiss Alliance Series

Justiss Alliance series by Tina Wainscott

“When five Navy SEALs take the fall for a covert mission gone wrong, the brotherhood of bad-asses join The Justiss Alliance, a private agency that exacts justice outside the law.”

I received ARCs of these books from the Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for honest reviews.

Wild Hearts (Justiss Alliance, #0.5)

This novella introduces us to the main characters of the series, how they became a rogue SEAL team, and how they met Justiss. Rahthmusen “Rath” Blackwood comes from a Tennessee family that just doesn’t seem to be making much of their lives. He’s the hold out from the Justiss team and the one dedicated to finding out how the “defuckle” happened. Saxby “Sooch” Cole comes from a long line of cheating men down in Louisiana. He has a brother who lost both of his legs from a bomb while serving in the military. Julian “Salsa” Cuevas comes from a criminal family in Orlando, Florida who immigrated to the US from Puerto Rico. Knox Logan grew up on a ranch in Montana and is currently in the middle of a divorce from his high school sweet heart. He’s emotionally closed off due to tragic past events. Rick “Risk” Yarbrough is a base jumping adrenaline junkie who used the adrenaline to deal with his childhood. He’s the first to sign on to the Justiss team. Chase Justiss is the mystery man who started the company after events that sound similar to what happened to these men.

I enjoyed this brief intro into the insights of men we’ll be seeing a lot more of. It’s nice to get a peek into their heads and thought processes and to see their relationships with each other.

It’s $0.99 plus tax for all the formats I checked but honestly I keep waffling over whether or not it is worth it. It is interesting and kind of fun, but it doesn’t seem to be required for understanding the rest of the series.

Wild on You (Justiss Alliance, #1)

Rick Yarbrough is a bit upset that his first Justiss assignment is babysitting an “animal hugger”. Addie Wunder is an adrenaline junkie, animal hugging, lacto-ova vegetarian, lesbian according to her father. They have an instant attraction and there is some violence, mayhem and mystery to keep this story running. But the main focus is on the emotions as these two strong willed characters learn about each other. I was expecting a woman in danger protected by over domineering jerk of a bad boy. Instead this is at its core a lighthearted romantic fluffy book and the hero was a bit more inept than I would have expected. It isn’t bad by any means, though there are a few pacing issues, but it certainly isn’t as tense or intense as I was expecting.

For the $0.99 plus tax this is currently listed for, it is definitely worth it.

Wild Ways (Justiss Alliance, #2)

Julian Cuevas is confident, sexy and supremely competent. He also has a bit of white knight syndrome. Mollie Reagan is fierce in her search for her sister Di, who disappeared into an outlaw bike club. In all other areas of her life though, she is a bit of a mess. So of course when Julian encounters Mollie in a dangerous situation he intervenes and saves her. THIS book was more what I was expecting in this series. There’s excitement, and danger, and drama and romance. The pacing was much better than in the first book. And I connected much better with these two characters. Unlike the first book, this made me much more interested in how the overall plot arc would play out, and what would happen to the other characters, particularly Rath.