Sinful Seconds

Sinful Seconds (Red Stone Security #8)
by Elisabeth Naughton (Goodreads Author), Alexandra Ivy (Goodreads Author), Cynthia Eden (Goodreads Author), Laura Wright (Goodreads Author), Katie Reus (Goodreads Author), Joan Swan (Goodreads Author)

I picked this up for the Katie Reus and Cynthia Eden stories. All the entries in this anthology tie in to a club called The Playhouse.

Sinful Surrender (Aegis Security 0.6)
by Elisabeth Naughton

Grace is a too stupid to live heroine sucking back booze at a bar and letting her equally moronic best friend Holly goad her into picking up a stranger in a bar when she knows she has a stalker. This is a novella so naturally they hop into bed pretty damned quick. And the villain is ridiculously obvious. It’s well written and the characters are well fleshed out for a short story, but it requires an extreme amount of willful suspension of disbelief.

Sinful Rapture
by Alexandra Ivy

Holly is having a bad year. Her father sells his business out from under her to a man she thinks she can’t stand and today she’s been jilted at the alter. She just wants to let her hair down at the club when in walks her new boss. Enter Liam, he’s achieved all of life goals except one. This is a quick read with a bit of kink and some pretty extreme emotions.

Sinful Secrets
by Cynthia Eden

Blackmail, intrigue, and passion. What happens when you accidentally marry your familial enemy? Apparently sparks fly. Jason’s an over the top alpha male and Cat is a bit of a Mary Sue, but there’s more action and plot twists than seems possible for such a short story. Cynthia Eden is always a must read.

Sinful in Spurs
by Laura Wright

Sawyer is a bull rider and Keely is his best friend’s baby sister, and the woman he must can’t get off his mind. He doesn’t know about her interest in BDSM and is about t to get the surprise of his life.

I enjoyed the fact these two have so much history together. It made a nice juxtaposition between comfort and thrill. They weren’t exploring something new and volatile with some random stranger in the night, but with a person they trusted absolutely. It felt like a natural progression of an existing relationship.

Sinful Seduction (Red Stone Security #8)
by Katie Reus

Mina is an artist hiding out from the noteriety of her wealthy father. Blue is a bodyguard and former Marine. He’s also rather sweet and endearing, with just enough alpha to make him interesting. When he saves her from a kidnapping attempt they are almost immediately thrown into a high pressure situation and the sparks fly. There’s just enough plot twist to make things interesting.

Sinful Deception
by Joan Swan

I just skimmed this one. It felt awkward and I couldn’t get into it.