Ratings System

I’m unlikely to rate very low. I read a lot, but I’m unlikely to finish a book I don’t like, nor will I typically rate a book I don’t finish.

I tend to rate books based on how they fit in their genre or sub genre rather than an absolute score.

1 Star-Just awful. The only reason I managed to complete it was either because it was short, or because I needed to justify to myself actually rating it and writing a review.

2 Stars-This book was ok. I managed to finish it without a fuss but it doesn’t entice me to read other books by this author or in this series.

3 Stars-This book is fairly decent and I liked it but there was something that kept it from being great. I am likely to read the rest of the series or other books by this author. However, I’m only likely to re-read this book if a new book is coming out for the series.

4 Stars-Really enjoyed the book and will definitely be reading more from this author or more in the series. I’ll definitely re-read when new books from the series comes out and may re-read if I don’t have anything more interesting to read at the time.

5 Stars-I absolutely adore this book and am likely to re-read it on the slightest pretext. In fact, if it is a 5 star, I probably started my re-read directly after my first read. I’m also likely to devour any and everything in this series and by this author. And, I may aggressively accost my friends, family, and perfect strangers, to read this book.

Half star rating are also employed, and of course those fit somewhere in between established categories.

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