On language, and why it matters.

Reblogging because words are important, and others are much more eloquent than I am. What we say matters. How we say it matters. And using imagery that diminishes very real atrocities is something I am developing very little tolerance for.

I just don’t see how people can be so willfully obtuse. EC is STEALING. They haven’t enslaved her or her 4 children. They don’t have the authority to kill her and her children. It is so very different.

Since I can’t see how anyone can be that willfully obtuse, I must assume, considering words are her craft, that this was purposeful. She purposefully evoked imagery guaranteed to tug at heartstrings, pulling on other people’s pain like a coat that is easily (for her) shed, for her own purposes.

Her Hands, My Hands

Yesterday, over at Karen Knows Best, I blogged about yet another Ellora’s Cave author who is asking her readers not to purchase the books she still has with that publisher, because she hopes to get the rights to her work back.

In her post she tells her story with this oh so shitty publisher–all without mentioning them by name, which kind of leaves me pondering¹–and then posts all her Ellora’s Cave’s covers.

So far, I’m nodding my head–good for her, finally speaking up for herself, and good luck on that.

Until I read the paragraph right below the covers.

Then, I saw red:

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