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Tearing Hair Out

This is a very sad day. Very sad. I really do want to cry, or tear my hair out. My Nook Simple Touch has developed an insurmountable problem. The SD card will no longer stay engaged. This is a problem as it only has 512 mb available for side-loading, if that. So now I am not sure what to get, as I have literally thousands of books in my library and I am a fickle flights of fancy rereader. If google would have gone ahead and released an android eink device, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I blame you Google, know this, I blame you. And yes, I buy mostly on Amazon NOW, but that wasn’t always the case.

And if I can’t have the Google Play Store, there aren’t any other fancy dancy upgrades I want or need. I certainly don’t want a backlight as that defeats the purpose of having an ereader for me (sleep disorders are a pain), so the Kindle Paperwhite with its freaking never turning off light, is really a no go for me. I’d probably happily take another another Simple Touch or look at the old Kobo Touch, if I could find them, but alas, neither seems available. And I certainly don’t want to pay extra for features I neither want nor need. Heck, I probably would have let Onyx gouge me for a Boox T68 if those were in stock right now too.

Unless someone out there has a better option, I guess I am looking at a refurbished Kindle at 69.99 with their stupid offers. Which irks me because I bought my Nook ST for only 49.99. Somebody help me out, because I would really like a better option.

My Nook Simple Touch is Broken :(


3 thoughts on “My Nook Simple Touch is Broken :(

  1. spiffi says:

    I went through this pain a few months ago – I went through TWO nook simple touch ereaders and wore them out. The buttons were no longer responding.

    I looked on ebay and was going to get another simple touch – there are a lot of them on there that are nearly new – lots of people received them as gifts and never used them apparently? Also some new ones.

    I ultimately decided to get a kindle paperwhite – in my case, I *REALLY* like the backlight – I often find myself reading in dark parking lots while waiting for other people – and I no longer have to strategically park under streetlights 😀

    I just tried it – and you can swipe the backlight all the way down and it appears to go really low – in a dark location, there is a very very faint glow – not sure how sensitive you are?

    Converting all my books from nook epub to kindle format has gone pretty well – I use Calibre software to manage my books and convert.

    But I feel your pain!

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