2 star review

Review: The Guardians (books 1-5) by Lola St. Vil

1.The Girl 

2.The Fallout

3.The Turn  


4.The Triplex   

5.The Quo

Lola St. Vil seems to have perfected the art of the cliffhanger. The first book of this series was a free download offered on Amazon, which I downloaded on a whim. After reading the first in this series, I was hooked and had find out what happened to these characters. I went ahead and read the next four installments. My addiction did not stem from an enthrallment with the life altering literary skills portrayed {insert heavy sarcasm} by St.Vil, but more so out of frustration that there was no resolution in the first book. After reading the second and third books, and starting the fourth, I hoped that the conclusion was finally near! I was once again let down. For every minor revelation, a catastrophic conflict arises.

I can’t say that I would strongly recommend this series, unless you were looking for a simple and quick read to fill some time. There are numerous spelling and grammatical errors that can be irritating at times. These books were written as a YA series, and if I had known this prior to reading, I probably would have passed it by. The excessive use of slang by Jay was distracting and took away from the story, while adding little to the character development. Emerson’s constant emotional meltdowns and temper tantrums painted her as a weak hero, who could not be taken seriously. While her background story was a little dark, her closeted upbringing resulted in an immature high school student who seemed to expect to receive everything she wants, including someone else’s “husband”. Ameana was a b*tch from the very beginning. Playboy Marcus is a confused teen who wants his “wife” and girlfriend too.

In the end, I can say that I have no interests in pursing the remaining three or four books in the series. Between the ever-changing storyline focus, spelling errors and poor character development I can easily say good riddance to you Guardians.


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