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Review – Havoc by Ann Aguirre


This is the second book in the series, and it was a little harder for me to rate and review than Perdition. I still really like Dred and Jael, and how they as individuals and their relationship is growing. And the politics and war on the ship were fascinating, as were the secondary characters. But it just didn’t quite give me the same kick in the gut that Perdition did, nor did it feel so intimate and involved. I think the influx of new characters in the form of the mercenary team, while likely necessary to the overall plot and goals of the individuals, changed the dynamics in a way that I was just not entirely ready for.

It is interesting, because since I read them back to back with no participation in the hype, I am not sure I had the same feelings as I would have, had I had to go through the interminable year long wait for this book and then another wait for the third book. It is all so near for me. But in essence, this really feels, for me, like it could and should have been an epic 1000+ page single book. Havoc just really felt like the middle of a single book to me. But I can understand that would have been a hard, if not impossible sell, even if that is how the author felt too.

I liked it very much, and it definitely made me impatient for the third book. So this is weird to say. It didn’t disappoint me, really, really didn’t disappoint me but I can’t rate it as high as I did the first one, since I base my rating on how likely I will be to read it. Perdition will absolutely get reread, in fact by the time this post actually goes live I will probably already have reread it. Havoc at this point will likely only get reread if I am doing a reread glomm on the series.

Yes, I am a strange reader, don’t let this review dissuade you if you are on the fence, because I highly recommend the series so far. I am just champing at the bit for the conclusion and kind of wishing I hadn’t become so impatient with waiting and had held out on reading until the weekend prior to the release of Breakout.

I am also ridiculously curious if Jael will get the opportunity to meet back up with Sirantha and Vel. I hope so, even though I doubt the series will require it.

In the end, this has pointed me to an editor I must follow, and Aguirre has the distinction of being the only author who has tempted me to look back into her YA/NA offerings. I haven’t done it, but I will admit to being tempted. And now I am just rambling because I am putting off finishing this review because then all I will be left with is how much I want that last book, dang it.

Havoc (Dred Chronicles #2)


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