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#FitReaders – Weekly Check-in January 6, 2017


Week January 6 2017 active.png




I can not quite figure out what day I want to check in, but I suspect it will be on Saturdays some time. I feel pretty good about how active I have been. Sleep is of course an ongoing issue, but getting up off my butt is feeling more natural. I even increased my daily goal from 10,000 to 15,000 steps per day. I am nerving myself up to actually DO the virtual 5K, I am certainly doing way more than that a day spread out, but somehow the idea of it is a little terrifying when put into one event.


4 thoughts on “#FitReaders – Weekly Check-in January 6, 2017

    • We have an open floor plan shotgun house with living room, dining room, and kitchen entirely one big room. So I pace when I’m reading or watching TV. 🙂

      It drives my husband bonkers.


  1. k2reader says:

    I do the same thing…pacing/walking back and forth in my house – though, I do it when my husband isn’t home! Otherwise, he would make fun of me. I did it a few times while on the phone while he was home and he was like – sit down, what’s wrong with you! Great stats this week!!!

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    • Mine still makes a little bit of fun, but I hit about 20 lbs lost and he had to admit it worked.

      But when my parents were up my dad just complained it made him tired to watch me, and it made my mom antsy so then she kept finding herself pacing too 🙂


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